Triple Treat FAQ
Answering some common questions about the game.


Q: "Why does the game stop at Chapter 1?"
A: The game is in Pre-Alpha.

I'm still establishing its framework, making sure the first chapter and all its mechanics work before I continue the story.

I want this to be as polished as possible for when the game enters Alpha.


Q: "Why are you using RPG Maker? You should use Ren'Py / Visual Novel Maker / Unity!"
A: RPG Maker is the only game engine I know how to use relatively well, enough that I can pull off some of the mechanics I want.

Other engines either don't have the capabilities I need for my vision, or require coding, which I simply don't know how to do in any language.


Q: "Is it available on Mac?"
A: No, the game was made on PC with a PC in mind.

Due to one specific mechanic, I'm currently unable to make Mac-compatible builds, and it simply isn't practical to remove that one function from all areas of the game every time I release a new build, just to have it work on other systems.
If I can find a way to make it compatible, I may release Mac builds, but until then, you'll have to wait until the game is fully released, at which point I

will do my best to make it run on as many platforms as I reasonably can. However, I cannot promise a Mac release will ever happen.

Keep in mind, I'm not an experienced game developer, and I know nothing about code / programming or software engineering.

This is my first game, and I'm doing the best I can.


Q: "Why is it taking so long to make a visual novel?"
A: Many reasons. First, this isn't my full-time job, as much as I'd like it to be.

I'm under constant stress trying to get new art packs out every week for my SubscribeStar supporters, and my website's gallery / store.

I only have a bit of time to work on this game and still manage to take care of my already deteriorating mental & physical health.

Second, there are mechanics in this game that aren't in most visual novels, and with my limited experience, implementing them takes a long time.

Third, the art assets can take up to 20-30 hours of total work EACH.

Between that, and waiting / searching for assets from others, extends the development time further.

This is to say nothing of my personal situation which causes even more stress.



Q: "When is it coming out?"
A: Don't take it as set in stone, but I'm going to TRY for Valentines' Day 2022.

This all depends on how much financial support I receive on SubscribeStar,

and whether my personal circumstances improve to where I can get art done faster.


Q: "Is it all fetish stuff or is there normal hentai?"
A: There will be optional sex scenes for you boring normies too, don't worry.


Q: "Why is there only x Gender and y Sex option? Why are they separate? What does Preference do?"
A: This is a more difficult one to answer, so I'll break it down.

1) I'm a transgender woman, and while I admit that I don't speak for everyone and I fully respect the identities of other individuals, I'm PERSONALLY of the belief that there are three sexes (male, female and intersex) and two genders (male & female).

In my view, being transgender simply means your gender is the opposite of your sex, while transsexual means you've surgically changed your sex.

The choices in the game reflect this.

2) When I started developing Triple Treat, I wanted to make a yuri / lesbian game - however, this initially included possible male options that I was never certain I would implement. After a while, I decided to just make it LGBT-focused in general, and included Other as an option for trans people, or anyone with a nonspecific gender identity that it would be too complex to implement.

Eventually, I decided I had no interest in implementing male-oriented content, so I removed the Male option entirely.

Something like 99% of visual novels - erotic ones especially - either force you to be heterosexual & cis-male, or just assume you are.

Triple Treat is something different for a change.

3) In Triple Treat, Gender affects the pronouns the game & characters refer to you as.

Female is the default, since the game was intended for lesbians / bisexual women, and while I don't personally believe in the concept of being 'non-binary', I did include 'Other' for gender-neutral pronouns. I can only apologize to trans men; I don't know how to make a compromise, so you'll have to choose Other.

The Sex choice refers to what genitalia the protagonist will have in optional sexual scenes that will be added later in development.
For example, if you choose to play as a cis or transsexual female, you would choose Female for both Gender & Sex, but if you were a transgender woman, you would choose Female as your Gender and Male as your Sex.

4) Preference is simply a case of what genitalia you find more appealing.

While the girls in Triple Treat will always be women, there will be a futanari option if you want it.

The sexual scenes, if you choose them, will reflect this appropriately.

5a) I tried SO many approaches to this system, and eventually decided that it is completely impossible to please everyone with the current sociopolitical climate being what it is, so I shouldn't even try.

I'm just making this game the way I want to make it, representing the LGBT community in what I believe is fair, equal & respectful for all.

If the Other choice of Gender isn't good enough for you, just don't play the game - I've done my part, it clearly isn't for you, and I do not care anymore.

5b): If I left out Gender as an option, I'd have to deal with comments from people who don't understand the difference between Gender & Sex, complaining that the game referred to them as female when they chose male as their Sex.
If I left Gender on the screen as Female exclusively, then I'd have to deal with comments from people expecting more genders.

If I tried pandering to every specific snowflake identity, I'd never get the game finished and would have constant comments from people crying that their extremely specific pronouns weren't used.

If I didn't allow customization at all, I'd have to put up with complaints that people "can't project themselves onto the protagonist".

Even as it is, I still have to deal with whining both from close-minded  homophobes / transphobes who get triggered over the concept of LGBT people existing, as well as from people who don't understand that I am NOT an SJW, I am NOT a feminist, I simply want to create an LGBT game with a yuri / lesbian focus in my own way - naturally & respectfully, without pandering or tokenism shoving it down your throats like so many SJW games do.

If this isn't convenient for you, or this isn't how you would do it, that's your problem.

This is how I believe representation & diversity SHOULD be done.

Long story short - my advice to game developers and other artists: You cannot please people that are looking to deliberately be offended, so don't even try.

Just do whatever you feel is right, and because you want to. Not because you were bullied by cults or entitled kids.

The simple fact is: The people who claim to champion equality & representation have made it impossible to do so without beating viewers over the head with it or pandering to every snowflake denomination, lest you risk provoking left & right wing social media lynch mobs, so I'm simply not interested in trying.

Ironic, huh?


Q: "The main characters are all white Americans - Is there racial minority representation?"

A: Currently the character customization screen has no in-game functionality, but later in development, the player will have the option to choose between a few distinct skin tones, as well as hairstyles & colours - however, the protagonist's face will never be shown with detail, so you'll have to make up your own mind for how they look. Bear in mind, however, that I am colourblind. So I may not be able to get every single detail of skin tones down exactly right.

The main characters are all white because they're all immediate family, although one character featured as a secret cameo appearance is Japanese.