A visual novel I'm currently developing

You play as a game design student who encounters three sisters stranded in the rain.

Adventure ensues as you attempt to win one of them over and have some 'fun'.
Or... are they having fun with you?

Current Public Build: v0.007


Current Subscriber-Exclusive Build: v0.007.6



  • Romantic Comedy

  • Yuri / Lesbian

  • Transgender / Transsexual / Futanari (optional)

  • Foot Fetish

  • Bondage / BDSM

  • Tickling

  • Mystery

  • Tragedy

  • Hentai / Ecchi

Help Needed:

I'm always looking for people to help out with the game's development. Here's a list of what I need:

  • Background Artist who can emulate the colouring / shading style seen in most Visual Novels.

  • Voice Actress for Miley - Must be able to do a peppy voice, with a very thick Boston accent.

  • Voice Actress for Riley - Must be able to do a bratty, punk-ish voice, with a slight Boston hint.

  • Voice Actress for Kyley - Must be able to do a sweet & gentle voice, with a slight Boston hint.

  • Voice Actress for Leyda - Must be able to do a mature, motherly, yet playful voice, with a slight Boston hint.

  • Voice Actress for a secret female character - Must be able to do a sexy, seductive "goth" voice, with a slight Boston hint.

  • Voice Actor for a secret male character - Must be able to do a gentle, caring voice with a typical North American accent.

  • Singer / Songwriter / Composer to create a promotional song / title theme.

  • Composer to create an original soundtrack with roughly 10-12 tracks, one of which must have six versions.


All help is paid and fully credited, so if you think you can help out, feel free to e-mail me some samples of your work, plus your rates! (E-mails without samples or asking prices will be ignored.)
E-Mail Address: TripleTreatGame@gmail.com

Use the appropriate Subject lines, please!

(Voice roles for the female characters involve niche sexual / fetish content, and my work in general is VERY anti-PC / pro-freedom, so please be open-minded about what the role will require.)


Miley Troy

Age: 20

Height: 169cm / 5'7"

Blood Type: B

Shoe Size: 25cm / 8.5 US

Bra Size: B

Lieks: Sports / Adventure / Pranks

The sneaky & assertive middle sister with seemingly no regard for modesty.

Miley is energetic, upbeat and always minding her health; a fitness buff with a
mischievous streak, who is far too competitive for her own good.

Riley Troy

Age: 18

Height: 160cm / 5'3"

Blood Type: AB

Shoe Size: 22.5cm / 5 US

Bra Size: A

Lieks: Music, Poetry, Junk Food

“Punk”, “troublemaker” and “delinquent” are just three words to describe the

youngest of the Troy sisters.
Riley appears grumpy, defensive and cold, but is actually quite sweet once you

get to know her, as well as packing a massive sweet tooth.

Kyley Troy

Age: 22
Height: 176cm / 5'9"
Blood Type: A
Shoe Size: 27cm / 11 US
Bra Size: C
Likes: Shopping, Fashion, Cooking

The eldest of the sisters; tall, beautiful and unusually mature for her age.
Kyley is intelligent, gentle and capable, the voice of reason in her strange

& barely-functioning family.
What she lacks in assertiveness, she makes up for in talent, stature and figure.

Leyda Troy

Age: 46
Height: 177.8cm / 5'10"
Blood Type: B
Shoe Size: 27cm / 11 US
Bra Size: D
Likes: Gaming, Baking, Porn

The bisexual mother of the Troy sisters. Runs Les Érotique, the largest adult film

agency in the state.
Widowed at 24, she tries to be a good mother, but is flaky, lazy and immature.
Even at 46, working full-time as a modelling agent and porn actress, Leyda - who

insists her name is pronounced 'Lee-dah', finds time to be a hardcore gamer with a

vast collection of games & systems.
Carries a Springfield XDM 9mm 3.8 Compact concealed in her skirt for protection.


System Requirements:

(Minimum, taken from RPG Maker MV's Steam page)

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)

Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU

Storage: 2 GB available space

Additional Notes: 1600x900 or better Display