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  1. Check back here to see if I'm currently available. If I am, feel free to drop me a note or e-mail with your idea. First-come-first-serve.

  2. Make sure you've THOROUGHLY read this page, and my Guidelines.

  3. Make sure you have plenty of reference for the character(s) you want me to draw. The higher the resolution, the better.

  4. If you're asking me to draw your OC, please include height(s) and measurements such as shoe size(s), as I use 3D models for posing and will have to create a custom morph for that character.

  5. Please do not rush me. Most of my time is taken up by my SubscribeStar work or voice acting, and it may take me some time to complete your commission, but I will work as fast as I can.

  6. I reserve the right to refuse any commissions at my own discretion, and I do not have to give a reason.




If at any time I cannot complete the work due to any circumstances, I will gladly refund you.
Once the work has begun, and you have received part of the work, I will only refund the remaining difference.

For example, if I were creating a cel-shaded piece for $75, and you had already received the lineart, I would complete the piece as lineart and refund you the remaining $50.

For refund policy reference: Normal sketch price is $10, normal lineart price is $25, back when I used to do those.



  • Each base price is single-character. Maximum 4 Characters per piece.

  • "Variables" refer to small options such as gags, blinds, effects etc. that are mixed-and-matched to create unique variants.

  • If you ask for the character(s) to be wearing socks / footwear, they will be counted as a variant, with the additional charge.

  • If you ask for extra panels, the main scene does not count as a panel.

  • Speech Bubbles / Dialogue / Subtitles count as variables. If there are gag variants, I will include gagged versions of that character's dialogue at no extra charge.

  • I don't currently offer sketch or lineart commissions, because too many people have taken advantage of my policies.

  • You do NOT have permission to edit, colour or post my artwork anywhere.

  • Prices may change based on the content rating. Please check the Guidelines link above for reference.


Fake Anime Screenshot: $50

More basic than the proper cel-shaded work, comes with a filter and a few lines of "subtitles" to look like an anime screenshot.
Extra characters: +$25 each
Simple Background: FREE (For example, a simple piece of furniture or empty room).
Complex Background: +$25
Variables Included: Scanlines, 16:9 'widescreen ratio', 4:3 'black bars' ratio, low-res, high-res, film grain.
Extra Variables: +$5 each (max 3 added)
Extra Panels: -NOT AVAILABLE-
Extra Outfits: +$15 each (max 3 added)

Non-Fetish Content: -$10 discount.

Subtitles: 1 line free, +$5 extra (max 3 added)

Please think of the idea for this in terms of a full scene, not like the other work I do with single characters etc.
Have an idea for what's going on and how it should feel; as much detail as you can give me.








Cel-Shading: $80

Basic Colour and Basic Shading.
If there's a specific shading style you want me to emulate, ask and I'll see if I can do it. No promises, though.
Extra characters: +$40 each
Background: +$40
Variables Included: Up to 5 free. See the samples below.
Extra Variables: +$10 each (max 3 added)
Extra Panels: +$20 each (max 3 added)
Extra Outfits: +$20 each (max 3 added)
Non-Fetish Content: -$20 discount.







Full Render: $120

The Best Colouring, Shading & Texturing Work I'm Currently Capable of Doing.
Extra characters: +$60 each
Background: +$60
Variables Included: Up to 5 free. See the samples below.
Extra Variables: +$15 each (max 3 added)
Extra Panels: +$30 each (max 3 added)
Extra Outfits: +$30 each (max 3 added)
Non-Fetish Content: -$30 discount.











Minigame: $250

A simple game with interactive variables and much more freedom.

Extra characters: $125

Background: $125

Variables Included: Up to 20 free. See the samples below.

Extra Variables: +$10 each (max 30 added)

Extra Panels: --Not Available--

Extra Ouftits: +$50 each (max 5 added)

Non-Fetish Content: -$100 discount.





Visual Novel: $400

The same as a minigame, but with simple visual novel elements.

As standard, these come with an Opening scene, a Minigame scene, and an Ending scene.

You must provide the script / story.

You also have full permission to use the character sprites for your own projects, but you must provide credit somewhere in said projects.


The title screen by default will be an edited version of the minigame scene.

Custom title screen art is half the price of a normal commission at the same quality level.

Be aware that there are technical limitations in RPG Maker MV, and I am not a programmer.


2 included as standard, comes with a single character sprite complete with 25 facial expressions.

Character Story Sprite: 1 free. +$50 for each extra.

Background: Up to 2 free. +$75 for each extra.


1 included as standard, comes with a single character.

Extra Characters: +$100 each (max 2 added)

Variables Included: Up to 20 free.

Extra Variables: +$10 each (max 30 added)

Extra Panels: --Not Available--

Extra Ouftits: +$25 each (max 5 added)

Extra Minigame Scenes: +$150 each (max 3 added).

Non-Fetish Content: -50% discount on the whole project.


While I can do one or two additional panels, I do not do comic commissions.

I do not do tickling fetish content for standard commissions, only for game & VN commissions.




Voice Acting

$1 per word, or $5 per line.

Samples available here.



Advertising / Sponsorship


You can also contact me by e-mail about advertising on my website: NitropunkArts@gmail.com